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Yoga for Ukraine
Currently, I am donating all online studio sales to the Red Cross to support Ukraine. 
Practice with me to support your own well-being as well as supporting those in need.


Get access to all my on-demand yoga classes for as little as

$AUD 5.60 per week

Slow flow

Gentle yoga



Breathwork & meditation


$AUD 29 monthly

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includes access to Yoga Calm

Complimentary online library

These complimentary videos are for current students attending my in-person small group classes.

Functional flow

Gentle flow


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Once this is done, I will give you permission to access the videos for the type of class you attend. 


A collection of 20 yoga videos specifically designed to help you stay calm, positive & relaxed during stressful times. 

Gentle movement, breathing & meditation practices

Short 10-30min practices

Accessible yoga for all!


$AUD 79 

one-time payment

refund guarantee