Take care of yourself 
inside & out with

yoga, movement & mindfulness

YOGA THAT TAKES CARE OF YOU As a women & mum of 2, I understand the challenges of juggling many roles & responsibilities & how often there is little time left for taking care of 'you'. I also understand that when we constantly put ourselves last, our health & wellbeing can really suffer & we can lose our sense of self and who we are beyond our roles & responsibilities.


 reconnect to your body & yourself in a healthy & positive way

rediscover yourself beyond your roles & responsibilities

 feel better on the inside as well as the outside

find calm amongst the busyness

nourish, replenish & refill your cup

YOGA FOR ALL BODIES & ABILITIES You don't need to be flexible, thin, fit or look a certain way to practice with me. I love using props & will offer a range of options so that the yoga fits your body & ability. 

GROUP CLASSES As we transition out of lockdown, most group classes will be run outdoors near Yarra Bay beach in groups of up to 20. A couple of classes will restart at my home studio in Chifley in a small group of up to 7 students only. Check all the details here

ON-DEMAND YOGA A collection of over 80 recorded yoga classes with a variety of yoga styles & practices available with active yoga (slow flow) as well as gentle yoga (gentle flow, yin & restorative) together with breathing & meditation practices. 7 day free trial!

YOGA CALM A collection of 20 short, daily yoga videos specifically designed to help you stay calm, positive & relaxed during stressful times.

5 day trial

COVID SAFE: Please be aware that until 30 Nov, only fully vaccinated students will be able to participate in face to face classes, including outdoor classes. Check the full COVID safe policy here

When you take care of you, you take care of others.

Trial my on-demand yoga classes , including the yoga calm bundle

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MIX OF STYLES & PRACTICES - slow functional flow, gentle, yin, restorative, breathing & meditation


YOGA CALM BUNDLE - a collection of 20 short daily yoga practices designed to help you stay calm, positive & relaxed during stressful times. 

VARIETY OF CLASS LENGTHS - from 10min to 2 hours 

OVER 80 CLASSES, with new classes added regularly

Small group classes:  most of our classes are limited to 6 students so that you receive more attention and ultimately a safer & more effective yoga experience. You certainly won't get lost in the crowd!

Modern movement: We are passionate about blending traditional yoga practices with the latest in modern science and movement practices to help you practice yoga in a way that is functional, sustainable, intelligent and ultimately safer.

A personalised approach: We believe that yoga should fit the person rather than the person fitting the yoga. Our small group classes means we can offer options and modifications to help you experience yoga in a way that serves your body. 


What my students say.....

" I feel like I learn something new about my body in nearly every session!" 
Jess, personal trainer, Brighton Le Sands
"I love the focus on functional movement, I love the space & the non-competitive attitude." 

Monika, yoga teacher, Little Bay

"Your yoga classes have really helped with my mental health, especially during the COVID lockdown"
Dianne, Bexley

"I enjoy the inclusive & friendly environment.I appreciate that you offer gentler options for poses. But most of all, your constant innovation is impressive & inspiring"
Kathy, Little Bay

"I feel so much less stressed"
Kerry, Chifley

"I like the way the class flows from gentle to more challenging & back again"
Cate, Little Bay 

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